Sometimes contact lenses can be the perfect solution when your glasses won’t do. Use of soft, and transparent eye lenses will help you to get rid of bulky glasses. We have a wide collection of clear, color and toric contact lenses at affordable prices.

Our wide range of contacts include disposable lenses, bi-focal lenses, toric lenses, transition lenses and contacts in several colors. In order to maintain your vision, we use only the best lenses available on the market.

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Advantages of contact lenses

Contact lenses offer a visual field uninhibited from glasses frames. As a result, it is easy to see clearly while walking in the rain because they do not fog up or become splattered. Compared to eyeglasses of any style, they are less noticeable. 

Advantages of contact lenses instead of eye glasses are,

How to use contact lenses

Wash and rinse your hands before handling the contact lenses. Because the surface of contact lenses need to be handled safely to avoid scratches. Dry your hands with a cotton towel to take the lens. Never use tap water directly on lenses. Use the contact lens solution given with the lens to clean it. Clean the contact lens every time before using it and after putting back to the cover.

Services provided by V Trust

V trust Contact Lens Clinic offers power contact lenses, modern colored contact lenses that suit to all your moods and style and also solutions under proper diagnosis and supervision of Specialist doctors.

We have a vast collection of