The term "low vision" refers to those individuals who have difficulty seeing objects (such as a person's face) beyond a distance of 3 meters, i.e., 10 feet (with their spectacle correction) and/or those who have difficulty with side vision.

Treatments cannot fix your vision or reverse vision loss. But with proper diagnosis and management techniques low vision clinic at V-Trust eye care can help you adjust to life with limited sight.

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Symptoms of low vision

Symptoms of low vision includes,

Low vision at different ages

The impacts of low vision in your life depend upon the age when you lost vision. Low vision in children, adults and old age people differ in causes and hence there is changes in the treatment modalities.

Most common types of low vision

Treatment for low vision

The Low Vision Clinic diagnoses and provides therapy for eye disorders that, if left undiagnosed, can lead to total blindness and cannot be cured even by surgery. Rehabilitation under the guidance of expert optometrists and counselors for diagnosing such eye disorders helps to make daily life comfortable.

We provide various assessments for vision, color vision, contrast sensitivity, and, for field of vision. Assessments are also done to identify the difficulty level of the patients in performing day-to-day activities and test the severity of condition with various low vision equipment.