Glaucoma is an area of ophthalmology that focuses on medical and surgical treatment of diseases that result in optic nerve damage and visual field loss. The reason for glaucoma is the permanent damage of the optic nerve, the major nerve of the eye. It is dangerous because the symptoms of the disease are often seen in the late stages of the disease.

The increased pressure inside the eye will damage the nerves of a glaucoma patient. The damage caused by it is irreversible, but treatment and regular checkups will help to prevent or slow down the vision loss. Glaucoma clinic at v trust evaluates and treats patients with glaucoma with the help of latest diagnostic and therapeutic modalities.

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Types of glaucoma

The most common types of glaucoma are

Symptoms of glaucoma

The symptoms of glaucoma depend on the type and stage of your condition. Some patients with glaucoma may experience immediate discomfort and redness, while many do not have any symptoms at all until the condition is well advanced. This is because the signs, symptoms, and treatments for glaucoma are so diverse.

For primary open angle glaucoma there will be no symptoms in early stages. A patchy blind spots will gradually develop in the peripheral vision of the patient. In later stages they will be unable to see things in central vision also.

The symptoms of angle closure glaucoma includes severe headache, severe eye pain, nausea or vomiting, blurred vision, halos or colored rings around lights and eye redness.

Treatment for glaucoma

Glaucoma is a chronic illness, which develop gradually without immediate symptoms. Glaucoma usually happens when the front part of the eye build up with fluid which increase pressure in the eye called Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP). It will damage the optic nerve and damage to the optic nerve diminishes eyesight.

If you experience any symptoms listed above go and consult an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. The most common symptoms of glaucoma are severe eye pain and head ache. Treatment for glaucoma often includes prescription eye drops, and also laser glaucoma surgery. Eye drop treatments helps to reduce the formation of fluid in the front of the eye or increase its outflow.

Our experienced glaucoma surgeons at V-Trust eye care, suggest you the best treatment option after detailed examination of your condition. Treatment involving medication and/or surgery are helpful to lower the pressure in the eye and prevent further damage to the optic nerve. Treatment options available at V-trust are,